It is the Rubber Compounding which matters . KASTRADE’s special know-how is in the development and production of top quality silicone compounds as the basis for the final products. This ability to develop the specific compounds comes from a plethora of experience and intensive development work in the field of elastomers, where KASTRADE sets innovative development standards time and again. Thanks to in-house compounding, additional components (additives) can be introduced to the basic silicone to produce different kinds of material blends for different applications.

The result

Excellent silicone compounds with a wide range of colours, degrees of hardness and quality. More than 25 different “recipes” have been developed for the Façade Industry uptill now. These compounds ensure that the final products show the various chemical, phy sical and physiological properties.

The silicone compounds then undergo the extrusion process, in which the tool – “die” creates the actual profile shape. Vulcanisation follows in a heating section without external pressure (which is basically pressure-less vulcanisation) with peroxide curing.

Together with classical elastomer extrusion, KASTRADE also uses special processing methods for producing customized solutions:

Cellular Rubber Extrusion

KASTRADE has appropriate machinery and technology for multi-dimensional material expansion together with suitable blowing agent are used to produce Silicone Sponge (Cellular) Rubber Profiles in differing densities and compressibility classes.


The Extruder Screw and Cylinder are arranged in a 90° angle to integrate metals or other materials as functional elements in Silicone Profiles.

Multi Co-extrusion

Upto 3 extruders can be combined to produce combinations of hard/soft profiles, multi-coloured Rubber Profiles and combined sponge/solid Rubber Profiles.

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